“If ‘Smart Grids’ and ‘Smart Cities’ are to become reality, we shall also need ‘Smart Citizens’ “


Smt.Vasundhara Raje

Hon’ble Chief Minister


“Keeping a tab on popular mode we constantly renew our resolve to provide world class living environment to the honoured citizens of this holy heritage city of Ajmer. we are here to translate hopes and dreams into reality. We shall not relax and retire until we are able to move closest to the people’s aspirations in the realm of comfortable living with world class facility one can ever wish for”


Shri. Dharmendra Gehlot

Hon’ble Mayor

Ajmer Smart City Initiatives

Inaugurating the Smart city Hot spot

Mayor Shri Dharmendra Gehlot inaugurating the Smart city Hot spot road show.

Smart city Hotspot

A unique smart city roadshow vehicle with solar power and LED based audio visual communication about  Ajmer smart city. The hotspot was manned by smart city mascots with free 4G connectivity to connect, comment and like the initiative.

Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement hub held at all landmark locations of the city ( image of LIC. Ajmer)



Ajmer Smart City Slogan Contest Winners


Coming Soon!

Citizen Engagement


Hindi Essay Writing English Essay Writing Hindi Short Speach English Short Speach English Debate
1. Rajni Kashyap 1. Arushi Pachuri 1. Kajal 1. Aishwarya 1. Upasna
2. Yogita Tanwar 2. Apoorvi Jain 2. Anushri 2. Aakanksha 2. Palak
3. Harshita Bhatnagar 3. Pooja Gautam 3. Samrudhi 3. Mishti 3. Prerna


Slogan Logo Design Painting Competition Photography Ajmer Smart City (questionnaire)
1. Mansi Shrivastava 1. Manish Premchand 1. Diva Ladha 1. Arushi Jain 1. Rajendra Hada
2. Malika Soni 2. Anisha Sharma 2. Khemu 2. Kamini Agarwal 2. Preeti Charles
3. Upma Chaudhury 3. Kailash Khorwal 3. Palak Saim 3. Tripti Rathore 3. Rashmi Yadav


News & Events

Updates :

Ajmer figure in 27 smart city list | Press Trust of India | New Delhi Sep 20, 2016 08:22 PM IST
Youth pledging mass likes and sharing smart city vision Bhagwant University administration of the university cooperated pro actively for the cause by voting on Smart City Ajmer
Smart City Campaign addressed in SBI Ajmer to elaborate about SC mission and got opinions on Ajmer Smart City Mission

Ajmer City Tour Gallery

Connect with Smart City Ajmer

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